50 Best Selling Cosplay Wigs For Women and Men

One common question we hear all the time about cosplay wigs goes something like this…

“I don’t want to spend a lot of money on some expensive wig. Why can’t I just buy a cheap one somewhere?”

Now here’s the thing. You can buy a wig anyplace you want. But what some people will tell you that the reason you should spend a lot on an expensive wig is that you’re never going to be happy with a “cheap” one. You’re not going to be satisfied wearing something that’s really poor quality because it will make your costume appear cheap too (even if you slaved away over your costume, putting a ton of time and effort into it).

So, the argument goes, you don’t want to have all that time and effort wasted by trying to save a few bucks on a cheap wig. Better to save yourself the heartache and spend a little more on a wig. It’ll be totally worth it.

And that all definitely makes sense. Two things though.

First, not everyone has money to spend on an expensive wig.

Second, just because a wig doesn’t cost a lot, it doesn’t mean it’s a cheap piece of garbage.

Wigs for cosplay have become so popular and there’s now a ton of awesome options out there. And a lot of good quality options too that won’t break the bank. No matter what style and color you’re after.

So if you’re looking for a great looking, quality cosplay wig that is easy on the pocketbook, we’ve compiled a list to help you get started. These are the 50 top selling cosplay wigs on Amazon right now.

Most (though not all) have great reviews. You’ll find options for all different styles, lengths, colors, etc. 50 for women. 50 for men. And all of them cost less than $50! (Most much less than that!)

Before you just assume you have to plop down a lot of cash for a cosplay wig, check out what shoppers have to say about the wigs below. They are the Best Selling cosplay wigs on Amazon right now. You might just be surprised about what kind of quality you can find for so little money!

50 Best Selling Women’s Cosplay Wigs

  1. [amazon box=”B00Y832XG4″]
  2. [amazon box=”B0097XQ33Y”]
  3. [amazon box=”B06Y1KZSC2″]
  4. [amazon box=”B017NIRFHM”]
  5. [amazon box=”B00CES5ZSS”]
  6. [amazon box=”B014B1PVMA”]
  7. [amazon box=”B00P9QRX96″]
  8. [amazon box=”B000YSHA42″]
  9. [amazon box=”B003TQL2Z4″]
  10. [amazon box=”B00GN3KHQU”]
  11. [amazon box=”B072MMHXV6″]
  12. [amazon box=”B00BMVY0FM”]
  13. [amazon box=”B00MHTDY5K”]
  14. [amazon box=”B013CQ9VXK”]
  15. [amazon box=”B01FGVI3GU”]
  16. [amazon box=”B06Y1PDK72″]
  17. [amazon box=”B00IQMRHR8″]
  18. [amazon box=”B00TEMYEOS”]
  19. [amazon box=”B007L016BO”]
  20. [amazon box=”B00JMBD6J0″]
  21. [amazon box=”B073Y6GQN6″]
  22. [amazon box=”B000H46E22″]
  23. [amazon box=”B078T83PVB”]
  24. [amazon box=”B00GA3HWDY”]
  25. [amazon box=”B073Y67S1Y”]
  26. [amazon box=”B01CF6PAC4″]
  27. [amazon box=”B01GX8KG4M”]
  28. [amazon box=”B003GX3B22″]
  29. [amazon box=”B00KXVY7N2″]
  30. [amazon box=”B01JO16TFA”]
  31. [amazon box=”B00MBAMPZ0″]
  32. [amazon box=”B0197KZ3D2″]
  33. [amazon box=”B01EHV42GU”]
  34. [amazon box=”B00FLTX840″]
  35. [amazon box=”B00KXVY7JG”]
  36. [amazon box=”B01JO16TFA”]
  37. [amazon box=”B01FS3ZG8E”]
  38. [amazon box=”B01ACR724M”]
  39. [amazon box=”B01EHV42GU”]
  40. [amazon box=”B013CQ9W52″]
  41. [amazon box=”B01MY5SMGF”]
  42. [amazon box=”B019GJFSI4″]
  43. [amazon box=”B073Y3YYF3″]
  44. [amazon box=”B00MCGRNRI”]
  45. [amazon box=”B00FLTUE42″]
  46. [amazon box=”B073V61WM7″]
  47. [amazon box=”B00JMBCQV4″]
  48. [amazon box=”B0151KVRAA”]
  49. [amazon box=”B00CQGUSZ8″]
  50. [amazon box=”B00E5H3W36″]

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We’ve pulled the list below directly from Amazon’s best selling wigs list for 2018.  The wigs are ranked in order of best selling and ALL 50 WIGS ARE UNDER $50!

50 Best Selling Men’s Cosplay Wigs

  1. [amazon box=”B00KQF5DEW”]
  2. [amazon box=”B00MHTB8N0″]
  3. [amazon box=”B00JMBD4AG”]
  4. [amazon box=”B01DL9V488″]
  5. [amazon box=”B01LZ9L5ZR”]
  6. [amazon box=”B00Y8DDDO0″]
  7. [amazon box=”B075WZ2GQR”]
  8. [amazon box=”B00JMBCQJ6″]
  9. [amazon box=”B00JMBD1V8″]
  10. [amazon box=”B000F45XYY”]
  11. [amazon box=”B01CFG8DUU”]
  12. [amazon box=”B00JMBCM4U”]
  13. [amazon box=”B00Y832TFO”]
  14. [amazon box=”B0756PR8CT”]
  15. [amazon box=”B007L015HY”]
  16. [amazon box=”B00FLTW63O”]
  17. [amazon box=”B00GN3KJF4″]
  18. [amazon box=”B073R22ZV9″]
  19. [amazon box=”B075K472JT”]
  20. [amazon box=”B00FLTW63O”]
  21. [amazon box=”B003JH8TCM”]
  22. [amazon box=”B00YP3S456″]
  23. [amazon box=”B01MV7MP9F”]
  24. [amazon box=”B073R22ZV9″]
  25. [amazon box=”B074294FWH”]
  26. [amazon box=”B075K472JT”]
  27. [amazon box=”B005HQ8IV0″]
  28. [amazon box=”B01NCXOOUL”]
  29. [amazon box=”B00E3VRTVU”]
  30. [amazon box=”B00R9X9ZA2″]
  31. [amazon box=”B007L015UG”]
  32. [amazon box=”B003Y8YSF8″]
  33. [amazon box=”B00GROO3YM”]
  34. [amazon box=”B015I452K0″]
  35. [amazon box=”B075YGL41F”]
  36. [amazon box=”B0756P9K93″]
  37. [amazon box=”B00V3WIVZ0″]
  38. [amazon box=”B075WZVSBV”]
  39. [amazon box=”B00Y8DDTN0″]
  40. [amazon box=”B0756NGHW9″]
  41. [amazon box=”B002OHDZA4″]
  42. [amazon box=”B01GQLEA2A”]
  43. [amazon box=”B077P5T55D”]
  44. [amazon box=”B00ECRP4XA”]
  45. [amazon box=”B005KU8BYW”]
  46. [amazon box=”B01LZ5WNIN”]
  47. [amazon box=”B00FLTWVMK”]
  48. [amazon box=”B01E7QHFXM”]
  49. [amazon box=”B0029F1WOM”]
  50. [amazon box=”B071WFGGLX”]

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