Damn wigs can be expensive!

Go for a high end virgin human hair wig and you could end up paying $1000s.

Umm, hello?! Not everyone has that kind of coinage to drop on a wig.

But for those of us who can’t drop a ton of money to improve our hair situation, chin up! There’s plenty of reason for hope.

Especially these days.

5 – 10 years ago wearing a wig was about as popular a thing as having a MySpace account is today. But thanks to a bunch of celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and Zendaya treating wigs and hair extensions like fashion accessories… and others sharing their wig wearing ways on social media sites… wigs have gone mainstream.

And as wigs have hit the mainstream, the number of wig options have increased dramatically. Which is why there is so much hope for those of us who don’t have $1000s to drop on a wig. Because now there are a bunch of high quality, cheap wigs available that look so real, they’ll even fool your hair stylist!

In this article, we look at some awesome wig options for under $75. Not only are they cheap, but most of the ladies who wear them absolutely love them!

So, if you’re looking for a new look for rock bottom pricing, here’s the place to start your search…

OneDor Wavy, Black w/ Auburn Highlights Synthetic Wig

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A stylist’s daughter bought this wig and mom was super impressed. Especially since she custom cut and blended it for her daughter. And even though it is a synthetic wig, people can’t get over how realistic it looks. A lot of people get comments from others who think it’s a human hair wig. For a cheap wig, it’s hard to beat this one’s looks at such a low price.

K’ryssma Natural Black Long, Natural, Wavy Synthetic Wig

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This is a popular lace font wig (not a full lace wig) so, keep in mind, you can’t part it anywhere you desire. Still, for the price, it’s a thick, curly, beautiful wig that’s layered to give it some extra flair. Some people report it sheds a bit but not too bad. Also, the lace front is tanned a bit which is great for tanned or medium/dark skin tones. Some with darker skin use a little concealer or makeup to blend it in a bit to better match their skin tone.

Zenith Dark Brown Rooted Light Blonde Lace Front Synthetic Wig


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A reviewer gushes about how this wig would easily cost $200 or more in a wig store. It is synthetic but it’s soft like real hair and the color is amazing… dark roots that naturally transition to champagne blonde. And while the wig is thick, it’s not heavy and is pretty comfortable to wear. Because it is thick, some women love that they can do some thinning/styling to give them the exact look they’re after.

Jolia Virgin Human Hair Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions

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Okay, technically these are hair extensions and not a wig. But they’re so awesomely popular and at such a bargain basement price, we had to include them here. People LOVE how soft these hair extensions are, how they barely shed or get tangled and how great they look. Oh, and they also love getting complimented every day on how great they look wearing these extensions!

Perstar Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wig

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One of the most popular cheap wigs on Amazon, women go gaga over the volume of this wig. It’s also soft and bouncy and looks fabulous. Not much shedding to worry about either. Some people say it smells just a little when you get it but that goes away quickly, especially if you wash it. One licensed cosmetologist raves that, after having this wig for almost 2 months, she’s never seen hair like this before!

Ombre Black/Blue Cheap Cosplay Synthetic Wig

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Looking for a great cheap cosplay wig? Look no further than this one. This one is black/blue and is a long (28 inches) wavy wig cut in long layers. People love how soft it is and think the color is beautiful. One woman who owns it gives the tip that it looks great when dry and even better when wet!

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